4-Organizer Ultra: AI-Powered Care for you PC - Clean, Speed-up, Declutter

4-Organizer Ultra

AI-Powered Care for your PC

  • Cleans out tens of gigabytes of trash
  • Automatically keeps your PC in amazing shape
  • Declutters and organizes files with the speed of 1,600,000 files/h
  • Speeds up your PC by up to 58%
  • AI Assistant - greets you and wishes you a good day
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4-Organizer Ultra is a unique program that helps you keep your PC in good shape,
fully automatically.

It has seven AI-powered technologies, each responsible for its own process: 
speed up, sort, clean, automatic scan, permanent file deletion, 
security protection, real-time system resource analysis, 
and even a personal AI assistant that will lift your spirits!

File Sort AI - An extremely powerful solution that supports
more than 13,000 file types, declutters your PC and 
puts an end to file chaos in seconds.

Deep Scan AI - Unique technology that cleans your PC to the core: 
saves space for happy memories, not cache.

Speedup AI - Simply makes your PC up to 58% faster. 
It also has a huge improvement in Windows startup - 
the boot time can be 3 times faster.

Auto Scan AI and Resource AI work together to keep your PC in tip-top shape 
and always ready to work, automatically finding the best time 
to clean up your system so you don't have to interrupt your work.

Wiper AI is a wonderful technology that automatically liquidates
all privacy vulnerabilities, so it's impossible to recover your
 sensitive information from such files as cache, cookies, history and shaders.

4-Organizer AI Assistant greets you every day and gives you its
support and warm wishes. Your digital AI-powered friend, always there for you.

4-Organizer Ultra is a program that combines power, elegance and beauty. 
It's truly a new look at software.

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1-Year license for 1 PC

AI-Powered technologies
Speeds-up PC by 58%
Cleans out tens of gigabytes of trash
Sorts and declutters 1,600,000 files per/h
Automatically keeps your PC in good shape
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4-Organizer Ultra: AI-Powered Care for you PC - Clean, Speed-up, Declutter

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